6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting
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  • Air Pro6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting

6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting

Herolaser is one of leading 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting Machine manufactures, You can rest assured to buy 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting Machine from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of the 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting

ML-P6018D laser tube cutting machine is a medium and high power fiber laser tube cutting machine developed by Herolaser. 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting Machine adopts long-term stable and reliable advanced medium and high power fiber laser,and selects high precision gear rack, imported high precision linear guide rail and other high efficiency transmission parts. Precision CNC automatic laser tube cutting machine assembled by Bechu EtherCAT bus professional pipe cutting control system.It’s a collection of the latest laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical technology and other disciplines in one of the high-tech products. And 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting Machine is mainly used in carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum alloy pipe (square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe, waist round pipe, elliptical pipe, angle steel, C steel) and other metal pipe cutting. 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting Machine is the preferred cutting machine in the metal pipe processing industry. Lathe bed adopts horizontal gantry structure, gear and rack and lead screw transmission mode, transmission parts such as reducer, guides and pinion and rack adopt famous brand, has a stable structure, good rigidity, light weight, high dynamic response, etc, is the inscription Herolaser originality to create a high efficiency, high precision, high stability, high ratio of professional laser cutting machine.

2. Specifications of the 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting

NO. item Parameters Remarks
1 Body (Y-axis gear rack drive)
Beam (X axis rack and pinion drive)
Z axis (Z axis screw drive)
Chuck (B1\B2 shaft gear drive)
Reducer:APEX and Modoli
2 Feeding mechanism Manual feeding, automatic feeding (optional); manual adjustment due to fixed support wheel height Maximum length of automatic feeding 6.3 m
3 Cutting Agency Follow-up support+Slope down The maximum length of automatic blanking is 3 meters, and the support can be extended
4 Chuck clamping range (Round tube)20≦θ≦200mm
(Square tube)20*20≦¨≦140mm
5 Number of chucks Standard 2 Claws (Adjustable Claws)  
6 CNC System Bo Chu Bus Professional Pipe Cutting FSCUT5000B  
7 High tracking sensor servo syste BO Chu BCS100E  
8 server system Panasonic Bus Servo  
9 Operating software TUBEPRO Cutting software,
TUBEST Nesting software
10 IPC Low Power and High Performance Industrial Control Computer  
11 Laser generator Chuang Xin MAX (IPG) Power 1-4 kw optional
12 Laser cutting head Osprey (Jiaqiang, Wan Shunxing optional)  
13 Chiller Special Area Electromechanical  
14 Exhaust system Inhale the rear chuck and inhale the front chuck side  
15 Gas circuit elements SMC 、AirTAC or equivalent brand  
16 Electrical components Zhengtai, Schneider or equivalent  
17 Equipment dimensions (L*W*H) 12000*3900*2700 mm Subject to the object
18 weight About 7 tons Subject to the object

3. Features of the 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting

■The shortest tail material is 170mm;

■Very low operating and maintenance costs;

■Bus control of each axis has fast response, low failure and low maintenance;

■ The height of the fixed supporting wheel for feeding can be adjusted manually. The whole plate of feeding can be combined with the sliding slope;

■ The rear end of the card is sucked in, and the front card is sucked on the side. The inner wall of the cutting workpiece is cleaner, and the cutting area is less dust and smoke;

■ Linear axis X/Y: 100m/min, rotary axis B1/B2: 125rpm, fast acceleration, high cutting response, high-quality laser cutting;

■ High-speed, high-quality laser cutting can be performed on round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, waist round tubes, angle steel, C-shaped steel and other coffins;

■ The cutting section of pipe is smooth without burr, slag and yellow, which can easily achieve the cutting of all kinds of complex graphics.

4. Scope of application of the 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting

Automobiles, forklifts, electrical appliances, hydraulics, textiles, door and window decoration, furniture and kitchenware, medical equipment, construction steel structures, petroleum pipelines, fitness equipment, display supplies, mechanical processing, etc.

5. Sample pictures of the 6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting

6 Meters Tube Laser Cutting

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