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Herolaser is one of leading Automatic Laser Welding Machine manufacture, You can rest assured to buy Automatic Laser Welding Machine from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Advantages of the Automatic Laser

1. Automatic Laser Welding Machine can be customized according to the customer's product requirements to realize the straight line of the metal workpiece.

2. Equipped with Two-dimensional ball screw table, imported servo control system contains a rotating table, you can weld cylindrical shape of objects and other types of objects ,suitable for a wide range, high precision and speed.

3. Manua learning is designed for the laser welding machine.

4. Installation is easy and simple, using self-made cooling system, without any external water cooling towers.

5. The current waveform can be adjusted arbitrarily, and Automatic Laser Welding Machine can be applied to a variety of materials and alloys

6. Automatic Laser Welding Machine has high efficiency, good effect, easy to use a variety of materials.

Applicable to material and fields of the Automatic Laser

Automatic Laser Welding Machine is suitable for various materials, the plane straight line, arc welding and arbitrary trajectories, mobile phone batteries, jewelry, electronic components, sensors, clocks and watches,precision machinery, communications, arts and crafts and other industries.

Technical specifications of the Automatic Laser

Model ML-200W / 400W
Average laser power 200W / 400W
Max laser power 240 / 440W
Max energy of single pulse 75J / 120 J
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Pulse width 0-20ms
Laser welding frequency  0.5 -100HZ
Spot size range 0.2-2mm
Power Supply 380VAC ± 10% / 50-60HZ
Power Consumption  ≤6KW / 12 KW
Water pressure protection  ≤ 0.025MPa
Cooling water temperature  ≤ 35 degrees 
Temperature protection 45 degrees
Cooling water flow  10L/min
Weight ≤400kg
Operating System Win98/Win2000/WinXP
Cooling Way Water cooling
Laser Type   Pulse

Delivery and Shipment of the Automatic Laser

1. Ship in 7 days after 100% payment;

2. Plywood box packaging.

Payment Terms of the Automatic Laser

1. Prepay 30% when we receive the Purchase Order;

2. Complete the rest 70% payment 3 days before the cargo shipped.

After-sales service terms of the Automatic Laser

1. One year warranty;

2. HeroLaser can train1-2 engineers for customer in Hero’s factory for free ;

3. In One year of purchase, such as machine failure is a quality problem ,free maintenance. The service does not include human or environmental factors、 customers fault and supplies section.

Samples of the Automatic Laser

  • Automatic Laser Welding
  • Automatic Laser Welding
  • Automatic Laser Welding
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