Galvanometer Laser Welding
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Galvanometer Laser Welding

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Product Description

■ Model introduction of the Galvanometer Laser Welding

Galvanometer Laser Welding machine adopts 200-2000 watt fiber laser, which has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and long laser life, which can reach 100,000 hours. 25%-30% of the energy provided by the power supply is converted into laser energy, which is currently the laser with the highest conversion energy. Welding work platform with fully enclosed laser radiation protection design: intelligent operation: integrated anti-static type of light, machine, water, electricity, and gas; equipped with observation windows and doors, which is conducive to maintenance and installation; door switch protection device and warning light display, A T-shaped fixture chute is reserved, and a simple exhaust device is attached. Galvanometer Laser Welding machine can be combined freely and flexibly: host + two automatic workstations; host + two galvanometer workstations; host + one galvanometer workstation + one automatic workstation; host + one automatic workstation, with multiple configurations to meet your different needs.

■ Model features of the Galvanometer Laser Welding

► Galvanometer Laser Welding machine can realize light splitting in time and energy, can process multiple beams at the same time, and realize more precise welding.

► Cooling medium purification treatment makes the life of the device prolonged and daily maintenance more convenient.

► Processing without pollution, small heat affected zone and small deformation.

► The welding seam is fine, the depth is large, the taper is small, the precision is high, and the appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful.

► After welding, the Galvanometer Laser Welding machine will not be deformed or yellowed, the welding seam will be smooth, and the size of the welding spot will be uniform.

► Controlled by a PC and assisted by special software, the operation is simple and easy to learn; any graphic characters can be welded.

► No consumables, small size; flexible processing, low operating cost.

► Optical fiber output can be freely matched with manipulators or assembly lines.

► CCD LCD monitoring and observation system can clearly observe product positioning and welding effect according to red light instructions.

■ Application range of the Galvanometer Laser Welding

Galvanometer Laser Welding machine has been widely used in battery industry, IT industry, electronic equipment, optical communication industry, sensor industry, hardware parts welding, auto parts welding, jewelry welding industry, glasses industry, porcelain teeth, solar energy industry, electric heating industry.

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