The development trend of laser technology


1) To develop in the direction of high power, high beam quality, high reliability, high intelligence and low cost.
2) To develop towards solid state such as semiconductor lasers, semiconductor pumped solid state lasers, and fiber lasers.
3) Combining with cutting-edge disciplines, such as laser medical treatment, laser precision processing, and rapid expansion in the fields of electronics, semiconductors, communications, and biology.
The laser industry chain is composed of upstream core optical devices, mechanical components, and numerical control systems. Lasers are divided into gas lasers, solid lasers, fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers; the middle of the industry chain is a variety of laser equipment, which can be divided according to the laser power It is high-power, medium- and small-power and special lasers, etc.; downstream applications are extremely wide, and the main functions are cutting, welding, marking, drilling, cladding, anti-counterfeiting, detection, etc.