Diffraction phenomenon of laser cutting machine


If the parameters are not adjusted during the cutting of the laser cutting machine, the cutting accuracy will be insufficient, resulting in problems such as large cutting slits and insufficient cutting angles. At present, due to manufacturing cost and other reasons, the laser beams produced by the civilian laser generators all have a certain divergence angle. If the height of the "cone" changes (equivalent to the optical path length of the laser cutting machine), the beam cross-sectional area of the focusing lens surface Change, in addition, light also has the properties of waves.
Diffraction phenomenon is inevitable. The beam expands laterally in the propagation process through diffraction. This phenomenon exists in all optical systems, and the theoretical limit value of these systems in terms of performance can be determined. The Gaussian beam exhibits a "cone shape" and the diffraction effect of light waves. Therefore, when the optical path length changes, the timing of the beam diameter acting on the lens surface changes, and the focus size and depth change occur, and the focus position has little influence. ?
If the size of the focus and the depth of the focus change during continuous processing, it will inevitably have a great impact on the processing. For example, if the width of the cutting slits is inconsistent, the same cutting force is used to cut the sheet, which is the diffraction problem of the laser cutting machine.