Competitive advantages of Herolaser laser cutting machine


The ability of laser cutting to quickly occupy the market has affirmed its potential price, so what is the advantage of laser cutting machines in market cooperation after all, and what makes laser cutting to occupy most of the cutting market so quickly?

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine is a technological reaction of sheet metal processing, and it is the "processing center" in sheet metal processing; laser cutting machine has high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle, which has won universal customers In the market, the useful life of the technology is long. Most of the plates with a thickness of 2 mm in foreign countries use laser cutting machines. Many foreign experts disagree that 30-40 years is the golden period for the growth of laser processing technology.
Generally speaking, it is recommended to use a laser cutting machine to cut metal materials such as carbon steel plates within 12mm and stainless steel plates within 10mm. The laser cutting machine has no cutting force, no deformation in processing: no tool wear, good material compliance: no matter it is simple or large parts, it can be cut tightly and quickly with a laser at one time: its cutting gap is narrow, the cutting quality is good, and the level of automation High, simple to control, low labor intensity, no purification: It can realize cutting active layout, nesting, and advance material manipulation rate, low production cost, and good economic benefits.
There are many factors to consider when choosing a laser cutting machine. In addition to considering the current maximum size of the workpiece, the material, the maximum thickness required to be cut, and the size of the raw material width, there are more needs to consider the future growth target, which is like doing The size of the largest workpiece to be processed after the technical modification of the product, the breadth of the steel market and the material supplied to the product, which one is the most economical for its own product, when it is high and low, and so on. Herolaser is a national high-tech enterprise and a group company engaged in the development, production and sales of laser equipment.